Work environments have been shifting and COVID-19 radically increased the rate of change requiring professionals, leaders, managers, teams, and individuals to EFFECTIVELY maintain (and increase) work productivity. This productivity is limited by individual skill/experience, individual ability to adapt/adopt to technology and work environment, classification of work, and other factors. Over time, it is anticipated that team members will potentially burn out or have other negative consequences from limited amount of personal interaction.

What is generally an inconvenience (sometimes opportunity) from the pandemic is increasingly likely to represent a global shift of how business is conducted. This brings operational, technical, and change management challenges that were not anticipated and/or planned. The pandemic’s impact on supporting industries, such as hospitality and airlines, may limit in-person interaction for months or even years. The consequences are far-reaching including decreased efficiencies for work processes and products, general burnout of personnel, and extended transformation of leaders and personnel from the “old ways” to a new, more virtual paradigm. This paradigm was not anticipated and greatly affects the individual, teams, organizational limits, and leaders/workforce incongruity among stakeholder groups (e.g., operational, financial, suppliers, contractors, customers, etc.) bringing potentially more change and uncertainty as different industries and organizations handle things differently.

Forge Forward Virtual Enablement (VE) Offering:

  • Strategic:Strategic discovery and capability gap analysis regarding Resilient Operations (RESOPSSM) and the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity; Sense making for the organization; Understanding and application of lessons learned; Leveraging data analytics to diagnose and look forward; and Creation of the VE Ecosystem to represent the influences, governance, and virtual operations for strategic/tactical elements (e.g., Project management, team management, etc.).
  • Project Management:VE project management best practices; Virtual Rules of Engagement; VE management (tools, tricks, and tips, etc.); Project facilitation; Admin support through logistics, coordination, notes/minutes, basic facilitation; SME support through our Forge Community SME Network; and VE Tech Tools.
  • Rate of Change (RoC) (Change Management):VE Change Management Plan and change maturity assessment; RoC Principles and considerations; Change/communications planning; Expert, virtual facilitation of workshops, drumbeats, and offsites; RoC Tools (Resiliency Training, Presentation, and Facilitation Training); and Virtual Stakeholder Journey (visual representation of a stakeholder moving through virtual experiences related to projects, processes, products, teams, sessions, etc.).

The Forge Forward VE solutions and services enable a resilient strategy with relative proximity mindset and processes required for anticipating and planning transformation whether meeting people virtually or in person. Forge Forward VE solutions and services will train a new generation of leaders and teams to excel in this new virtual environment.


By Cary Paul