Quality Assurance

Forge Forward’s focus on quality ensures that we are successfully helping our clients achieve their mission and objectives. Forge Forward employs a rigorous quality assurance plan that integrates methods and tools to mitigate risks, prevent and resolve issues, and deliver quality solutions to our clients.

Forge Forward has a proven track record and extensive expertise providing comprehensive services to the military, industrial and commercial sectors. Our team delivers qualified personnel, facilities, materials, equipment, analyses, test and data collection, and hardware and software deliverables. Our approach to monitor and maximize quality is seen within our customer support policy, response time, action item tracking, schedule monitoring, escalation processes and weekly review meetings. Our Forge Forward Quality Assurance Policy states that Forge Forward will provide services and deliverables that meet customers’ requirements for Quality, Reliability and Delivery. The purpose of the Forge Forward Quality Assurance Manual is to define and standardize internal processes to assure high quality. The procedures described provide the guidelines and controls employed to achieve customer specification requirements.

Additionally, all deliverables and major documentation are reviewed by the quality assurance officer and in more complex projects this person helps to define Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes using techniques such as CMMI, ISO9001, and Lean Six Sigma that are most appropriate to the project. The Forge Forward Leadership is available throughout the duration of the project for comments, concerns, and questions.

To achieve uniformity, understand changing trends and generate performance improvements, regular Quality Assurance meetings are held to review and improve on all short and long term goals.
Our approach to guarantee responsiveness and cooperation with customers is fundamental within our company. We focus on timely communications, promoting networking and teamwork, technical interchange meetings, open issue tracking processes and positive attitudes with willingness to serve.

We promote responsiveness and cooperation with the customer by:

  • Documenting procedures for handling customer and technical assistance needs.
  • Training employees to handle customer communications promptly and properly.
  • All customer problems are documented, prioritized, tracked, and escalated as required.
  • Empower employees with the authority to act responsibly when handling customer issues.
  • Distribute Customer Satisfaction Surveys that allow constructive input through our Quality Programs.